Hi-Fi on the road: music on a motorcycle, you can, that’s how!

For less geeky motorcyclists, who prefer “comfort” journeys, or simply for those who love listening to good music in outdoor solutions such as quads, jeeps, or why not even on a boat, enjoying the scenery while listening to music has always been a critical topic. And also, how choose amp for motorcycle speakers?

This Radio/MP3 player seems to be just right for you!

Normally I am not for after market accessories, I think that a vehicle has to leave the parent company already with the options that one wants, or things mounted at a later time lack reliability and easy integration, but with this audio system I have changed my mind.

The “necessity” was born during the preparations for the trip to Caponord on a motorbike that we made last August, where the thought of having to do dozens and dozens of hours in the saddle, and in some cases at low speeds, without having a bit of music to keep us company, gave me some anxiety.

Seek and ye shall find…

Searching the internet, with a bit of effort, I found VERY expensive systems (about 400-600$), but VERY nice, mostly designed for custom bikes like Harley, and then I came across this audio system, less refined, but simple and functional.

The only site that sells it is in the USA, and the transport costs more than the unit, but € 140 I play them anyway, payment in advance by credit card and after not even 10 days the package arrived.

The fear that something different from the one seen on the internet would arrive immediately disappeared, it’s identical to the one shown in the photos, now I’m curious to hear it playing!

I mount it immediately in a temporary way, to test the acoustics and the best position, you must try to install it in the best way acoustically effective, but at the same time not in the way of driving, and inconspicuous from an aesthetic point of view.

For the final installation, I let myself be “helped” by my trusted mechanic who connects the power supply to the ignition key, so that if I forget to access it, I don’t “crash” the battery!

Moreover, since I decide to “accommodate” the NITRO under the passenger seat, I pass a USB extension cable, from the device to the storage compartment, so I can insert a USB memory with all the MP3s of my favorite songs, and if I need it I can charge the battery to my iPhone.

To fix the speakers to the handlebars, I used articulated smartphone holders, purchased from Bep’s at € 39/cad.

It feels good up to about 80KMh as long as the visor of the helmet is open, otherwise the speed limit decreases.

On holiday he did his part, he never gave any problems and he worked very well, even though he was spared no scrambling, neither from the downpours, nor from the temperature changes from +40°C to +5°C!

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