Anti-theft is a new solution to fight effectively against theft of your motorcycle. They are also now required by insurance companies to claim a refund in case of theft. If you opt for this type of protection for your two-wheelers, you must be able to find a suitable and approved model. The purpose of this article is to provide you with useful information on this essential accessory and requested by insurers.

Motorcycle theft: what are the essential standards?

The motorcycle lock you choose must be certified. Such an accessory must absolutely meet specific standards. To do this, you must verify that the one you select complies with NF R 29-001. In addition, approval of your motorcycle lock by organizations such as the FFMC (French Federation of Bikers Angry) and the SRA (Safety and Automotive Repair) is necessary. Compliance with these standards is essential regardless of the type of lock chosen: alarm, chain, or U-lock.

 This is a fundamental criterion that insurers do not deal with. To refund you in case of theft, insurance companies will check that the chosen solution offers perfect resistance to attacks. Under the current regulations, no law imposes anti-theft devices as a means of protection of your motorcycle against theft. However, the majority of insurance companies request that the model was chosen by the insured be approved.

 The insurers intend to reassure themselves that the security system for which you choose conforms to the characteristics provided for by the standards in force. The risks of theft are reduced, and the losses for insurers are lower with a certified anti-theft device.

How should the lock be fixed?

It is not enough just to choose your motorcycle lock to discourage potential thieves from acting out. Still, it must be well fixed. Whether it is a chain and/or U lock, you should consider attaching them to a fixed point.

If you do not have this option, be sure to obstruct the rear wheel. To do this, you can hold the swingarm to trap it or pass your lock between a passenger footrest and a wheel stick. It is absolutely necessary to avoid that the padlock drags on the ground or that the spokes are attached. When the bike is securely fixed, it will be harder for thieves to steal it.

Rereading your insurance contract: an absolute necessity

You must remain particularly vigilant when reading your motorcycle insurance policy. The different companies of the market continue entirely free to impose on their insured the type of lock and the standard that it will have to respect.

You must, therefore, read the clauses of your contract to get an idea of ​​the requirements of your insurer regarding the choice of your lock. And even if this approach may seem tedious for some bikers, it is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises in case of theft. You will not be covered if you choose a model that does not match the one that your contract imposes on you.

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