Your motorcycle helmet protects you against the violent shocks that you can suffer to the head in the event of an accident. It is imperative that it is approved, of good quality, and always able to ensure your safety. Your helmet has been faithfully accompanying you for a long time, and you wonder when you need to change it? Here are some answers.

In the event of an accident

No negotiation possible, even if you have just bought your motorcycle helmet, if you fall with it, you must replace it. We do not imagine driving with a car whose cabin was washed away by an accident. It’s the same for a helmet. It is the only rigid element that protects your head. It is well worth the change.

When it comes to dropping your helmet, a small fall should not have irreversible consequences. However, if your helmet falls more violently, the interior may suffer from microcracks. It will, therefore, be essential to replace it. We advise you to pay close attention to your helmet to avoid any fall that could be harmful.

In case of pronounced wear

Observe the inside of your helmet. Foams must always be in good condition because the more soft and compact they are, the less your helmet will stay appropriately on your head. Similarly, the small mechanisms: screws, hinges … can age and show weaknesses.

Finally, unless you have always been very cautious with your helmet, he has never fallen off the table or your bike, its impact resistance has decreased over time. If you take care of your helmet, you can extend its life. Pay attention to all these signs of wear! If it seems less certain, change it.

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle helmet

As a good helmet is expensive, it is important to maintain it well. You have the habit of maintaining your bike to prevent it from causing you problems. It’s the same with your helmet. Start by paying attention to the purchase. Never buy a used helmet: you do not know its history, and you reduce its longevity. Also, if you choose to customize your helmet, go through a professional helmet painter. Some substances may damage the hull and thus reduce its strength and effectiveness.

The maintenance of your helmet passes by the revision of the foams, the regular cleaning, and its functional conservation in a dry and protected place. A little trick: do not store it high; you will be less likely to make it fall … We invite you to read our article on how to clean your motorcycle helmet to extend its life effectively.

Change every five years: true or false?

The regulation imposes no legal duration for motorcycle helmets. We often hear that it is advisable to change it every five years. It depends on your use: if you wear it every day or three times a year, the shelf life is considerably different.

But where does this validity period come from? This is because the helmet of a motorcycle rider, under heavy pressure, is changed very often to prevent any risk of brain damage. Also, the technologies evolve so fast that changing every five years at the most allows the rider to put his head in a helmet still mighty.

Also, many manufacturers today offer a 5-year warranty on their helmets. This ensures you ride safely and prevent parts from failing.

Do you not know how long you have your helmet? On his tether strap, you will find a standard (E22-05), followed by the date of manufacture of your helmet. This date will allow you to have a precise idea of ​​the age of your helmet.

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