In case of tire aging

The aging of a tire is visible in the cracks present on the tread or in the deformation of its carcass. This may be due to tire storage conditions, climate, speed, load, etc. It is not necessarily related to the age of the tire. However, it is advisable to have your tires checked by a professional at least once a year, after five years of use. After ten years, it is strongly recommended to change your tires.

What are the risks if you drive with excessively worn tires?

Driving with worn tires increases the stopping distance, especially in wet weather. Indeed, their sculpture can no longer evacuate the water and hang the road. The risk of an accident becomes essential. For your safety, check the aging of your tires. Also, according to article R314-1 of the Highway Code, if you drive with tires too worn, you risk a fine of up to 135 €. You will find the text of the law in full on the site of Legifrance.

Should we change tires at the same time?

It is rare to have to change both tires at the same time. The rear tire wears faster because of the many accelerations it undergoes. However, if you want to change the tire model, it is advisable to replace the front and rear at the same time. Manufacturers develop their tires so that they match each other optimally.

As you can see, it is vital to check the condition of your motorcycle tires regularly. Sometimes it is necessary to change them, such as in case of a puncture, aging, wear, or in case of any other anomaly. Changing your tires ensures your comfort on the road, your safety, and that of your passengers. You will also dispense with the contradictions that the law provides for your protection.

Understand the effect of tires on the behavior of the motorcycle

You probably know the various unwanted reactions of a bike when driving (shimmy, guiding, swaying). But you may be less familiar with the importance of motorcycle tires on these behaviors:

  • Guiding (abrupt and lateral movement of the front axle): can occur if you do not respect the original dimension of the tires if the pressure is not adapted or if the wear is essential. Radial tires are less prone to guiding.
  • The shimmy (regular and lateral oscillation of the front axle): the pressure, wear, and mounting of the tire on the wheel have a noticeable effect on the shimmy.
  • Swaying (at high speed, the ripple of the motorcycle):  the tires play a significant role in the way, whether in terms of wear, structure (diagonal/radial), pressure, respect of the dimensions and mounting the tire.
  • If you continuously feel a vibration of the motorcycle, it may be caused by too much tire wear or balancing that was not well respected during assembly.

In summary and to limit any abnormal behavior: respect of the original dimensions, correct inflation and controlled regularly replacement of used tires, and fitting/balancing in the rules of art. Imperative!

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