Part 1

  • The compulsory homologated helmet
  • Mandatory certified gloves
  • The obligatory jacket

Part 2

  • Biker boots or necessary high boots
  • Necessary trousers

Biker boots or mandatory high boots

The reform of the exam requires the candidate to wear high shoes or boots for the big day. A suitable motorcycle shoe is one that will cover your ankle in full, but this is not the only point to consider. In this choice, also take your time by performing several tests. The time spent choosing will allow you to gain comfort when you are on the bike. An unadapted pair can quickly become a nuisance and therefore cause accidents.

Choosing a pair of motorcycle boots rather than a pair of high shoes also denotes your desire to prioritize safety first and foremost. Indeed, the motorcycle boot will protect your shin in addition to your ankle, which can not make a shoe up. It will also be essential if you want to orient yourself to track practice after your exam. If you limit yourself to daily and urban driving, orient yourself towards shoes that are much more comfortable for walking.

Mandatory trousers

The motorcycle pants are essential, especially to resist the abrasion of the legs against the bitumen during a fall. However, it is not compulsory for the passage of your license. The law provides in its order of 23 April 2012 the mandatory wearing of a ”  pants or a combination.” So you can introduce yourself with thick pants (no shorts or cropped pants), but we strongly recommend investing in CE certified motorcycle pants.

There are models of denim motorcycle trousers, reinforced with kevlar, as well as leather and textile models. Resistance is today equivalent to these three subjects. However, for a person passing his driving test, it may be wise to choose textile motorcycle pants. The flexibility of the material does not prevent playing safety but allows greater ease on the bike for maneuvers. In winter temperatures, many models offer a lining protecting both rain and cold.

A model with CE approval will guarantee you suitable and protective equipment. We advise you to opt for a model that already has protective covers included. This will allow you not to make additional purchases and ensure better protection than a model with simple reinforcements. Remember, to choose motorcycle pants to the right size, and the knee protectors must be well placed in the driving position.

The combination

You should know that a motorcycle leather suit can replace the jacket and pants. It covers the entire body, almost like a second skin, and proves to be the most effective solution for protection. Privileged by the trackers, it will be mandatory if you choose to launch later on the various circuits. In addition to the usual question of standards, you must choose a suit equipped with protections, especially at the joints, back, and torso. You may be a little tight the first time, but keep in mind that the leather will relax slightly. If you need help to choose your motorcycle leather suit, please consult our guide.

You will come to the exam with the material that will be yours for a long time. It should, therefore, be chosen because it is a real investment. You must rely on the official approval symbolized by the CE marking. For this, want to buy your equipment from a motorcycle accessory. Remember that a suitable material is an excellent prerequisite to the success of your exam, so you must make your choice with discernment without forgetting to make you happy.

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