The motorcycle license reform of 2013 now requires all candidates to present themselves with the appropriate equipment. It is, therefore, necessary to equip for the day D but also from its first lesson to protect and get used to his outfit, essential for excellent driving comfort. Although the full dress is mandatory, some approved equipment is only recommended. You will discover in this article our tips for choosing your motorcycle equipment for the exam.

Part 1

  • The compulsory homologated helmet
  • Mandatory certified gloves
  • The obligatory jacket

Part 2

  • Biker boots or necessary high boots
  • Necessary trousers

The compulsory homologated helmet

The motorcycle helmet is, of course, mandatory motorcycle equipment is the first protection that we think, and his choice is indeed crucial. It is necessary to know that an unsuitable helmet leads to the grade B exam without motor and requires you to find one for the rest of the test.

To choose your motorcycle helmet, you will have to turn to a product approved with the CE or NF mark and equipped with reflective strips. You will also have to think about your comfort. Take a good look at the different features of each helmet and compare them.

It is generally recommended for beginners to choose a full-face helmet, that is to say, completely closed and with a visor. He is the one who protects the best and offers a better feeling of comfort. Watch out for the size of your motorcycle helmet! To make the right choice, consider reading our guide that will allow you to choose the size you need.

Mandatory certified gloves

The choice of gloves is essential because the hands are the first victims during a fall. It can only be recommended to pay close attention to this selection. Here again, regulatory marking is distinct. CE certified motorcycle gloves, compulsory on the road since 20 November 2016, ensure the quality of the product, its strength, and its excellent resistance in case of fall. If you do not wear approved gloves in circulation, you risk a fine of 68 € and a withdrawal of one point on your license.

Find out the size of the motorcycle gloves you need. You must feel comfortable in your gloves from the first moment. This is a prerequisite to controlling your driving correctly. Do not be cautious about the quality, either. A pair of motorcycle gloves is a long term investment. We must, therefore, think of their protective appearance with shock-proof shells, multiple reinforcements, or material resistant to abrasion. All this is necessary for your safety, and the inspector will ensure that you ride in the best conditions on the day of the exam.

The obligatory jacket

The jacket is a matter of aesthetics and style. But on the road and for the day of the exam, it is also a question of safety. Moreover, for this day, wearing a jacket or a long-sleeved jacket is mandatory. It must also be equipped with reflective strips. The jacket protecting you throughout the year, your first must be chosen carefully and with as main concern that of its effectiveness. Fortunately for you, the equipment manufacturers today make protective products without giving up a look.

First, think about how you will use your motorcycle jacket. There are models for all seasons: raincoat for mid-season, warm for winter, breathable and ventilated for the summer or even 3 in 1.

It should not be forgotten that it is a bulwark at the time of a fall. It must be for your armor, and the choice must be made accordingly. To feel comfortable on the day of your license, the selection of a jacket with elastic cuffs will protect you from the cold. The presence of velcro, or pressure, also allows a useful clamping. It avoids the floating of the fabric and allows greater ease to handle his bike.

Also, think about the protections! Although motorcycle jackets are usually equipped with shoulder and elbow protectors, the addition of a back protector is vital in the event of a fall.

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