The motorcycle license has undergone some changes in recent years. The most important being the one that took place on June 2, 2016. Since then, the new regulations have imposed the generalization of the A2 license for all riders, whatever their age. It is, therefore, essential to grasp all the subtleties of this new measure to choose the right bike once the permit has been obtained.

A specific bike for the A2 license?

Driving a motorcycle is not improvised; you must take courses that require learning, involvement, and a genuine desire to achieve the famous sesame. The A2 permit is today the essential entry point for the A permit. This permit is obtained after two years of driving in the A2 license and 7 hours of training. It is mandatory to go through the A2 license regardless of age. It imposes some technical constraints on the bike that you will be able to drive, especially in terms of weight and power. It is, therefore, essential to learning first about the bike you want to buy, whether new or used.

First of all, you must know that the bike you will take in hand must meet the following constraints:

  • Its power must not be higher than 47.5 horsepower, or 35 kW. If it is a slanted motorcycle, it should not be more than 70 kW unmodified.
  • The weight/power ratio must not exceed 0.2 kilowatts per kilogram.

All of these conditions must be met to be eligible for a new driver.

Overview of motorcycles compatible with the A2 license

The list of bikes compatible with the A2 is relatively long, but you will find below some ideas that should help you make your choice.

Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2

Adapted to young drivers without technical intervention, the Ducati Scrambler 400 appeals for many arguments, including its versatility.

It adapts to all lines thanks to its power and maneuverability. We also like his style, very racy — price around 8,000 euros.

Honda CBR 500

Those who are looking for a sporty style for their first bike will be delighted with this model that there is no need to restrain to drive as a young driver. They especially appreciate its secure handling.

His price? Around 6,000 euros.

Kawasaki Z300

The Z300 is powered by a rather flattering engine for a model accessible to drivers of the license A2 without clamping. We like its velocity, its lightness, its maneuverability, and also its sleek style, worthy of a motorcycle of the category above.

A beautiful purchase for a young driver, with an entry ticket under 5,000 euros.

Harley-Davidson 750 Street

A2 license holders can also ride in Harley with this model. Light, low noise, manageable enough to withstand all urban conditions, this Harley is an opportunity to enter the world of the mythical American brand.

A model was accessible for less than 8000 euros.

Suzuki V-Strom 650

To be clamped, the V-Strom 650 is for those who intend to swallow bitumen in the right quantity. Excellent road, she is a pleasure to handle and knows how to make comfortable for long distances.

Available from 7000 euros, it is ideal for a long-term investment.

Choose your motorcycle eligible for the new motorcycle license

These rules are essential because it is they who determine the vehicles that a license holder A2 has the right to drive. The data is easy to obtain from the manufacturer when buying a new motorcycle, the latter not hesitating to identify which category of drivers is the motorcycle.

The question takes on an epic dimension when you want to buy a used bike for which the information is often less easy to find. It is not mission impossible for all that.

To know the power/weight ratio:

  1. Refer to box P.2 of the gray card indicating the power of the motorcycle.
  2. Refer to box G.1 of the registration certificate showing the weight of the unladen vehicle.
  3. Calculate: Power (P.2) / Weight (G.1) .

The result then obtained must be less than 0.2 to be in the legality.

However, we must not forget that the bike must be less than 35 kW and not have a power of origin for motorcycles flanges, more than 70 kW. In short, reading the vehicle registration certificate or for older vehicles from the manufacturer’s documentation is, therefore, an obligation.

Not respecting the rule for choosing a motorcycle leads to penalties for traffic control, not to mention insurance can be canceled. For more information, find the different motorcycle tickets that you risk in case of infringement.

Choosing a slanted motorcycle

The young drivers of two-wheelers quickly realize that the choice of a bike is then more difficult than expected because of these restrictions. It should be noted that they can choose a 70 kW vehicle.

It will be enough then:

  1. To do clamp the motorcycle from the authorized dealer. This is a fast approach, without real intervention on the vehicle and not particularly expensive.
  2. Retrieve the certificate from the dealer guaranteeing the new power of the vehicle.
  3. Have this modification declared in the prefecture?

New drivers will then have spent their two years and a new test, only to make it unbridled to keep the same vehicle and make the most of these capabilities. This is known as reversible bridging, it is usually done electronically, and it is an excellent financial compromise for the purchaser of a motorcycle at the time of the license. He only chooses a machine for his A2 license then allowed A.

Some tips before registering for the A2 permit

The motorcycle license A2 is not primarily reserved for men, and yes ladies you can also register and pass the motorcycle license by being a woman, but above all, here are our tips for logging:

  1.         Take stock of your budget to anticipate major expenses: motorcycle school fees, purchase of a motorcycle, purchase of motorcycle equipment, insurance …
  2.        Find out about the formalities and the steps to follow to pass the A2 license.
  3.         Compare the offers of motorcycle schools.
  4.        Get the mandatory motorcycle equipment for the A2 license.
  5.        Ask about authorized motorcycles for the A2 license.
  6.         Compare motorcycle insurance.
  7.        Discover how to know your balance of points to consider a recovery course if you do not have many.
  8.        Think about parking your bike and rent a location if necessary.

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