The hands are particularly exposed to winter cold, and without adequate protection, they are likely to suffer its many evils. Read more at Fortunately, there is a multitude of accessories that allow you to face the cold and making the right combinations of equipment. You can only increase their efficiency. We help you to choose those that suit you.

What is the use of winter motorcycle accessories?

If you have decided to use your bike during the cold season, both do it in the best possible conditions. Between frostbite, numbness of the limbs, feeling of cold accentuated by the rain and the wind, the winter brings a lot of inconveniences which impact on the concentration and the comfort of driving and thus on your safety.

However, with the right equipment, riding your motorcycle in the winter can be as enjoyable as on sunny days. Whether you’re driving a little or a lot, whether you have mild winters or rather harsh winters, you need proper protection.

Winter motorcycle gloves

It is essential equipment both to ensure its safety and comfort during the winter. With the right materials and padding, you are protected from both falls and cold. We will pay particular attention to their waterproofness and breathability, and we will avoid simple ski gloves that can hinder the driving of the motorcycle or scooter because of their thickness, and that will not protect your hands in case of a fall. From November 20, 2016, it will be mandatory to ride equipped with approved motorcycle gloves.

The more cautious may associate them with under-gloves, but they will not equal the comfort of heated gloves. When you pair them with under gloves, make sure to choose winter motorcycle gloves in the larger size to maintain maximum mobility.

You can also strengthen the protection against the cold using Tucano Urbano, Craft, or even DG … sleeves or heated grips. However, they remain satisfactory for short trips or relatively mild winter temperatures.

We also advise you to pay attention to the size of your motorcycle gloves. It is necessary to leave a space of about 1 cm between the tips of your fingers and the seams of your gloves to ensure a more durable barrier against the cold.

Our buying guide will allow you to choose your motorcycle gloves among the multitude of existing models.

Motorcycle under gloves

The motorcycle under gloves are not cold protection equipment strictly speaking but a complement of material that will provide you with additional protection and reduce the feeling of cold. For a minimal investment (usually ten euros), you can enjoy more comfort while keeping your gloves summer or mid-season, especially if you do not ride much in winter. They can also be useful with winter gloves or heated gloves but can reduce the handling of the controls.

Note that it is crucial to choose under-gloves sufficiently breathable and waterproof. Also, be careful that they do not compress your hands too much.

Motorcycle gloves

The motorcycle heated gloves are mainly dedicated to big riders or those who face negative temperatures. They represent a relatively significant investment but worth it because they provide a homogeneous heat and continues, especially as it can be adjusted according to the length of the paths and external conditions.

Their mission does not stop warming your hands since they are often waterproof (leather, neoprene, etc.). The heated gloves are sometimes considered a bit too bulky, and the battery can be quite troublesome, depending on its location.

The heat is concentrated on the upper part of the hand and fingers, and therefore, the combination with heated grips, it is the totality of the side who is reheated.

If you still have doubts, find our guide to choosing your motorcycle heated gloves.

Motorcycle / scooter sleeves

The sleeves are effortless to assemble (10 to 15 minutes at most) and provide adequate protection of cold even at very high speed for a price lower than that of heated gloves. They perform much better than winter gloves for freezing temperatures and long journeys. You can very well use them with heated handles for more comfort. Moreover, they avoid having to change pairs of motorcycle gloves.

The motorcycle sleeves are secured to the handlebars. They, therefore, do not offer any protection from falls, so it is essential to use gloves containing protective shells and possibly under-gloves.

We could blame them in addition to their confusing appearance, their thickness can affect the handling of the bike, but some models have thought to solve this problem (thumb growth to manipulate the controls, transparent window to see the controls).

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our tips on how to choose your motorcycle scooter sleeves.

Motorcycle heated grips

Highly efficient against cold and rain, the heated motorcycle grips are among the winter accessories that must be equipped. As useful as they are durable, they will protect you for many winters. However, they are criticized for significantly reducing the life of the battery.

They spread pleasant warmth at the palm of the hand and the first phalanges and are therefore to be completed with sleeves or heated gloves.

Their thickness can quickly become troublesome if it is too important. It is essential to bet on quality handles because entry-level models often lack tightness and resistance.

Find more tips to choose your heating handles on our buying guide.

Anti-cold handguards

Handguards play an essential role in protecting falls and minimizing the impact on motorcycle controls. Added to this is the most effective protection against cold, wind, and rain. Indeed, the handguards can divert the path of the storm and are a barrier to the wind. They delay the feeling of cold for those who do not have heated grips or heated gloves. They associate themselves particularly well with the sleeves they allow to maintain better.

The rigidity of the handguards is variable, and they can have an open-end or closed at the end of handlebars. The former is very protective of rain and wind, and the latter is more likely to protect the controls of the falls and are less effective against rain and wind, all with a higher cost. There are also intermediate models between those mentioned above. Aesthetically speaking, opinions are divided on the handguards, and it all depends on the more or less sporty look of your bike.

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